NPHI is a nationwide collaborative of not-for-profit, community-integrated hospice and palliative care provider members who serve as a crucial safety net for the sickest, most vulnerable patients in the communities we serve.

Our organizations are mission-driven and committed to improving access to high quality care. In addition to advancing policies that protect vital hospice and palliative care benefits for our terminally-ill seniors, we design and operate hospice programs for special populations, such as children, minorities, and prisoners.

Because of the scope of our services and our commitment to take all appropriate patients, regardless of diagnosis, insurance status, or life circumstances, our programs survive with small margins, and many leverage philanthropic dollars both to deliver innovative care as well as to be able to serve as safety-net providers. We strive for efficiency through innovation, appreciate the importance of value-based initiatives, and advocate for supportive policies from our primary payer, the federal government.

NPHI strongly believes that the long-term benefits of hospice for an aging population can be advanced through an active and ongoing collaboration between our community of not-for-profits and the federal government.

Through this collaboration, our members can assist policymakers in the development and evaluation of policies that promote quality, safety, and efficiency, while concurrently providing actionable feedback on federal initiatives that are onerous or unfair in execution.

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