Who We Are

The National Partnership for Hospice Innovation (NPHI) is an organization driven by passion and integrity to help people live fully through the end-of-life. Our most important ideas are learned at the bedside, not in the board room.

Our members are patient, family and community-focused hospice, palliative care, and advanced illness providers across the country made up of like-minded leaders with expertise and passion for the mission of the highest quality, person and family-centered, mission oriented end-of-life care.

The Difference We Make

NPHI members work to fundamentally change how people and institutions think about the last stages of life. We are experts in managing serious illness and end-of-life care. Our commitment is to help patients and their families experience the end-of-life consistent with their goals, values and preferences.

NPHI is committed to person-centered advanced illness care to ensure individuals can take control of their life and focus on quality and comfort at the last stage of life.  We work tirelessly to define the standard of hospice care and guide patients and families through the final stages of life, providing assurance about the right things to do.

We are distinguished by our commitment to people and mission – our innovations are driven by patient and family needs, not profit. Our voice resonates with key decision makers and stakeholders in health care as well as in the communities we serve… to help people live as well as possible until they die.


NPHI is showcasing and replicating innovations in hospice to improve the end-of-life care experience. Each of the NPHI member programs are not-for-profit leaders in health care delivery and have spent decades providing high quality care to seriously ill patients within the communities they serve.

Their results have transformed the patient experience through the design and leadership of more effective and comprehensive models of care. Building upon their expertise, our members are working together to showcase and recreate their success to address the needs of Americans with serious illness.


NPHI advocates for comprehensive community-integrated care that is customized to meet each individual patient's and family's needs. Building upon the decades of innovative care from its member programs, NPHI engages thought leaders, decision makers and health care stakeholders to strengthen the Medicare Hospice Benefit and, from its foundation, create new opportunities to ensure a comfortable and dignified last phase of life to which every American is entitled.


The National Partnership for Hospice Innovation advocates for comprehensive community-integrated care that is customized to meet each individual patient and families’ needs. Building upon the decades of innovative care of its member programs, NPHI engages national thought leaders, decision makers, and healthcare stakeholders to strengthen hospice care delivery and to take the holistic, patient and family centered, interdisciplinary, and personalized lesson of hospice upstream with key partners to ensure a safe, comfortable and dignified last phase of to life which every American is entitled.

Membership Criteria

  • Adherence to the fundamental vision, mission and values of NPHI
  • Demonstrates like-mindedness in comprehensive and innovative care delivery
  • Program Comprehensiveness - program provides services beyond the Medicare  Hospice Benefit
  • Obligation to Open Access
  • Dedication to Quality Improvement
  • Commitment to sharing Data
  • Not for Profit Status
  • Ability to bind their program to projects that further the goals of NPHI
  • Willingness to sign a confidentiality statement
  • Agree to participate in NPHI as fully as possible
  • Active engagement of Member Program Senior Leaders
  • Agreement to be supportive of other members and respect the sanctity of a          unified organization

Membership Selection

  • The following provides the usual approach to membership selection.  Exceptions to these guidelines may occur.
  • Current NPHI members can recommend prospective members at any time
  • Members who recommend programs may be asked to reference the ways in which the prospective member meets the membership criteria
  • Potential members will be interviewed by the President & CEO and/or an NPHI staff member plus a member of the Board
  • Following the interview, the Board will be notified and if there are no objections to the prospective member and eligibility criteria are met, the program will be invited to join the organization

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