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The not-for-profit voice for advanced illness, hospice, and palliative care.

If you are looking for quality hospice, palliative care, or advance illness care across the country, call 1-844-GET-NPHI (844) 438-6744.

NPHI members are patient, family and community-focused hospice, palliative care, and advanced illness providers with expertise and passion for the mission of the highest quality, person and family centered, mission oriented end-of-life care.

Advocacy & Strategic Initiatives

NPHI strongly believes that the long-term benefits of hospice for an aging population can be advanced through an active and ongoing collaboration between our community of not-for-profits and the federal government.


NPHI members contribute strength, leadership, and innovation to the provision of hospice care. Collectively, we leverage our experiences to improve the care experience for all Americans nearing the last stage of life.

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